SOLC. missing three

Today I realized that I’ve gone a few days without posting. I honestly have had days where I kinda didn’t feel like posting. But I’m going to make up for those posts. I just seen the funniest meme and I cant stop laughing. but guess what. Im not going to tell you what the meme … [Read more…]

SOLC 16of18- flying by

This week has went by really fast. I’m not sure why I haven’t been keeping up with the dates. Its probably because I’ve been busy with a few problems of my own. But y’all don’t need to hear about those.  We did testing the past few days. Both tests were really easy, I don’t know … [Read more…]

SOLC 14of18- Monday…

I really don’t know. Today started off really bad, not quite sure if its gotten better yet. I’m good at hiding it though. I never stop smiling. Is that a good or bad thing…? Anyway, I hope your day has been better then mine.

SOLC 13of18- mad

I’m mad today. I don’t know why. I woke up in a bad mood but it kinda of went away during second period. My bad mood came back during lunch. Hopefully it gets better later. Right now everything is lowkey annoying me. I don’t want to get mad at any of my friends for anything. … [Read more…]

SOLC 12of18- School

I know hate is a very strong word… But at this current moment I would like to say I strongly dislike school. It’s not the fact that I have to come here everyday or even the fact that I might not like another student. It seems like when we get stuck with a sub, My … [Read more…]

SOLC 11of18 – Phones

I have been asking my parents for a new phone for quite some time now. Theres nothing wrong with my current device, I just feel like I want something beter. I hope she gets me a new one ><. wish me luck

SOLC 9of18 – spring break

Friday night we got on the road an headed to Denver. We didn’t fly out like I thought we would.. when we got there I stayed at my uncles house. I went to the hospital for a few days( I didn’t stay the night) because my little cousin was sick. We flew back after my … [Read more…]

SOLC 8of18- we’ll miss you!

I know I said I would post about my spring break, but there’s a person out there that needs to be mentioned. I can’t say her name for reasons you already know. But she moved to a new school yesterday and I know for a fact that even though she has a heart of steal everyone of … [Read more…]